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facebook likes 1Does the Future of PR Lie in Social Media Marketing?

The roots of a traditional marketing campaign were once firmly buried inside the vast depths of the press office, the trade show or the newspaper until the boom of social media marketing exploded into the fore.


Conversion Optimisation Best Practices -Myths?

It has long been commonplace in the conversion optimisation industry that best practices are occasionally busted in terms of SEO relativity as the goalposts keep getting moved.

Recently, it has been reported that in conversion optimisation there are standard best practice ‘myths’ that should be looked at…


seo-2-1165439-mHow to Select the Right SEO Agency for You

Building a strong, long-term working relationship with your SEO Agency can be the key to your online business success.

There are a number of ways in which to find the right SEO Agency; here are a few tips that could help you root out the best ones from the many hundreds out there…


How SEO Campaign Success is Measured

All too often, website owners create and implement an SEO campaign without a firm strategy in place. Experienced professionals take time to fully analyse and measure SEO campaign success in order to gain ground in the world of online marketing.


business-man-modified-484010-mCommunicating Your SEO Strategy to an Agency

Communication will be key to the entire SEO strategy.  If  you cannot convey your expectations and set goals, then the relationship with your SEO agency will be ‘on the back foot’ right from the start.


infobox-image-3_hp3Semantic Search – A New Focus for Future SEO Campaigns

The launch of Google’s new Knowledge Graph has caused a buzz in the SEO community as they take us into a ‘new age’ of semantic search criteria.  We will now have to integrate semantic search into our thought process and look at writing SEO content in an entirely new way.


3018789_engagementtrendsfullwidthThe Facebook Social Media Digital Marketing Challenge

Engaging Facebook fans is the newest in a line of social media digital marketing challenges we face on a day-to-day basis in the SEO industry.


Single-Source Data Hailed as ‘The Holy Grail’ for Marketing by Nielsen Report

Single-source data measuring offers digital marketers the chance to run a more effective ad campaign, with the precision targeting for a particular platform.


digital marketersInteresting Facts about Marketing from Digital Marketers

This week we have been doing some research into digital marketing trends and have been quite surprised by some of the facts we have dug up.  A few myths have been ‘busted’, although one or two ideas (‘facts’) seem a little unrealistic to us; see what you think…



wrs convert digital marketingWRS Convert – Digital Marketing with a Difference

In their own words, WRS Convert quickly realised that ‘Web traffic is vanity and web conversions are sanity.’


Google's HummingbirdHere We Go With Google’s Hummingbird – the Latest Algorithm

As it reached its milestone 15th anniversary, Google’s Hummingbird has been revealed as its new search algorithm focusing upon semantic searches and the intent of the searching individual.


Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising – Money Well Spent

Every business has an advertising budget, but where does your money go and how does digital advertising vs traditional advertising compare?


seo-2-1165439-mBranded Content – the New Wave of Digital Marketing

Brands of all sizes are jumping on the bandwagon of digital marketing and although not entirely new, it is certainly coming into its own with the continuing rise of social media popularity and mobile internet.



Digital Marketing Conversion SpecialistsFocus on Quality not Quantity Traffic for Conversion

The key is in the title – Quality Traffic for Conversion – that is ultimately the ‘name of the game’ in digital marketing.  Sure, 10,000 visitors a day is great, but if they aren’t converting into real sales, then your time and money is wasted.


Fresh Facts About Digital MarketingFresh Facts About Digital Marketing

Often we are bombarded with facts about digital marketing but rarely are they valuable, leaving the whole area a little ‘fuzzy around the edges’ for all except the most experienced. You can end up going around in circles.



Use Twitter to Connect with Your Buyers - Social Media Marketing StrategySocial Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is another one of those grey areas for most website owners. Everyone knows that they should have a social media presence, but how? Find out more…


Find Your Way to Easily Managing Social Media MarketingManaging Social Media Marketing

Managing social media marketing can be a huge task. Often juggling Facebook, Twitter and Blog posts can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to run a business as well.



network-combs-4-1410258-mPreparing Your Marketing Budget for 2014

Many of us, having returned from a Christmas break will be sitting around the boardroom table to discuss plans for the 2014 marketing budget.


Effective Link Building Tactics that Please Google

Using link building tactics is one way of helping to boost rankings that may have dropped or for pages and keywords that are not yet showing, but this is also shaky ground that you need to tread upon carefully.


dotcom-609312-mOnline Sales Dropping? A Peep into the Psychology of Online Shopping

So, we have a great site, with lots of content centred around great keywords, but online sales are dropping – why? Read more about optimisation for conversion…




Tech Pro Talent Demand in Marketing Sector Grows

As we approach the second quarter of 2014, we can see that predictions for this years’ recruitment requirements in the digital marketing sector are rising to the tune of more than 38%, with a strong focus upon tech pro talent.


What is Native Aquestion-mark-1323680-mdvertising? Who Knows?

A recent survey showed that a surprisingly high number of marketers were unable to define what ‘Native Advertising’ is – almost half at 49%. Find out more about native advertising and how it can benefit your brand…



facebook likes 1How to Boost Facebook Posts as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learning how to boost Facebook posts can be a useful tool in your workbox, as we all are aware that your digital marketing strategy is carefully built over several advertising mediums.


commercial-internet-database-1024773-mHow Has Programmatic Advertising Changed Digital Marketing?

The idea behind programmatic advertising was to simplify the planning process behind buying online ad campaigns, using automated functionality, such as email responses and dynamic optimisation of content to ease the way for targeting genre-specific customers.


coloured-world-1116171-m Where Your Money is Best Placed ~ Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

In today’s digital world, we all realise that a web-presence is needed, no matter what we are selling and digital marketing must be addressed in some form to enable us to stay in touch with our customers without being left behind by the competition. Reaching a target audience is critical, but with a limited budget, as many small businesses have, where are the best investments made?


infobox-image-3_hp3 Successful Content Creation Tips

Successful content creation is the bare bones of digital marketing, being the front line of your website, social media strategy and offline advertising. Creating great content is the most effective way of reaching out to your target audience, but what makes great content?


 business-man-modified-484010-mEvolving Industry Discussions at 14th Annual Demand Success Conference

Top marketers and PR gurus met at the 14th Annual Demand Success Conference hosted by Vocus, an international marketing and PR software provider, in Washington DC this year to discuss the latest changes in our ever-evolving industry of digital marketing concepts.


Internet Marketing Tips for Conversion Optimisation

All of us who partake in internet marketing realise that traffic acquisition is important – yes, but many focus too finely upon traffic and not enough upon conversion optimisation.


Email Marketing Tips & StrategyEmail Marketing Basics

The modern sales environment has vastly changed, with email marketing almost at the very top of the priority list. As face-to-face meetings diminish, and global sales begin to dominate many marketplaces, email marketing is often the first contact with your potential customer.


Find Out More About Digital Branding Through Social MediaHow Digital Branding Can Bring Success Through Social Media

Digital branding through social media using SEO techniques has revolutionised the way internet marketers can increase their business’ online presence, placing it on solid ground in a vastly competitive marketplace.


Growth Predicted for Digital Marketing Budgets

Digital marketing budgets look set for growth over the next five years according to senior Asia-Pacific marketers in a recently conducted survey by Accenture.


business-5-1144348-sDigital Marketing for Beginners – Tips & Advice

When we discuss digital marketing for beginners, a lot of eyes glaze over and many think that the whole process is dull, complex and incomprehensible. This is often just from the opening line!


Optimised Strategic Social Media Planning

Today it is wise for every business, large or small, to undertake some form of social media strategy to fully optimise their business opportunities and to help them stay ahead of the competition. We have talked about branding and the impact this is having upon the social media stage, but implementation is one thing and strategic planning is another.


Infographic MarketingInfographic Marketing – Does it Still Work?

Infographic marketing does still have some big fans out there – but does it work like it used to? The short answer is no, but let’s see if we can work out why…


Team Building for BusinessMaking Your SEO Agency Part of the Team

When you build a business, you build a team around you. This is important. Every successful business endeavour has pieces that need to work in unison – like a car engine – each part plays an important role in the smooth running of the car.



Social Media Marketing Success – Going Viral

As we have seen recently, with the social media marketing success of the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, getting a sweeping viral post into the world can be hugely successful in terms of raising both funds and awareness.


Digital Marketing - Paid Search2 Common Errors that Make Us Give Up on Adwords Campaigns

Paid search is an area of business advertising that remains a grey area for many business owners. When interviewing a new client yesterday, I asked her if she ran a campaign. “I think so,” she said. “I’m not sure who does it though. What is PPC?”


Put the Focus on the Client & Not the Advertising Platform

With the ever-changing state of the digital marketing arena, it is difficult to keep up and many of us spend too much time concerned with which advertising platform will be best for the target audience.


twitter -for-business4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Use of Twitter for Business

Many of us are realising that there is more to Twitter than meets the eye. You may already use this social media channel for business, but making more effective use of Twitter can make a real difference to your social media marketing strategy.



Top Tips for SEO Image Optimisation

There are many ways of ensuring images on our websites and blogs contain SEO image optimisation, but a surprising number of us are either ignoring these gems or simply do not know about them. Find out more…


update-digital-marketing-strategiesTips for Updating Digital Marketing Strategies

In the competitive world of online marketing it is critical to ensure our digital marketing strategies are followed, analysed and updated on a regular basis in order to stay up-to-date. We all should realise that digital marketing strategies can quickly become obsolete, sometimes doing more harm than good. Maintaining flexibility is crucial in an ever-changing marketplace.


cloud-based-communicationsAre Cloud-based Communications Solutions Right for Your Business?

There comes a time in the life of a business when a decision should be made whether to continue to operate on-site hardware and software solutions or to go for it and join the cloud. With an ever-evolving marketplace, there is a flexibility available in cloud-based communications that can benefit medium to large sized companies with data sharing capabilities that suit an off-site sales force.


new-digital-marketing-strategyWork Faster & More Cost-Effectively with a New Digital Marketing Strategy for 2015

With a new digital marketing strategy that works for both front and back-end operations in 2015 is the key to working faster and more cost-effectively. Digital transformations can enable companies to simplify, standardise and differentiate front-end sales and marketing and back-office applications to ensure streamlined operations that can elevate operational productivity while managing costs.


mobile-smart-phoneThe Role of Mobiles in the Future of Digital Marketing

According to a recent report, mobiles are becoming the driving force behind a growth in paid search traffic, with Smartphones and tablets accounting for 38% of the traffic in this sector last year. This resulted in an approximate 26% increase in advertising spending on Smartphone ads.


Forming a Good Relationship with Your Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency can produce consistently better results if you have a good relationship. This is not meant in the context that spells cups of tea and baking a cake, or even whether your digital marketing agency likes you in particular. No. What we mean is that forming a good relationship with your digital marketing agency in terms of being able to convey what your goals are in a clear, uncluttered way can pay dividends.


How Cloud Computing is Changing Digital Marketing

As the world of ‘tech’ embraces the Cloud, we want to take a look at some of the most obvious ways that cloud computing is changing the face of our digital marketing strategies and how we do business.


What Omnichannel & Multichannel Marketing Mean to You & Your Business

Before we find out whether omnichannel or multichannel marketing would be better for your business model, we should look at the differences between the two to best work out the way forward.


Three Easy Ways to Integrate Social Media MarketingIntegrate Social Media in Three Easy Ways

Social media marketing has been around for a while now and there are few people who haven’t at least heard of the biggest names. To many businesses it goes without saying that integrating social media into your business advertising model is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to engage with future customers in an informal, friendly way.


Digital Advertising for the FuturePlanning for Future Digital Advertising

In a world that is constantly shifting and changing, it is difficult to begin to plan where to spend your digital advertising budget, even for this year, let alone for next.


Social Media Strategy for Business3 Free Ways to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Everyone knows that social media is fast-becoming the place where business branding makes its strongest mark. Since the late 1920’s it has been believed that everyone on the planet was connected by just six degrees of separation.  Find out more…


Online UK Retail Shopping Trends Predicted to Soar – Be Prepared

Earlier this year, a study conducted by RetailMeNot and the Centre for Retail Research showed that the UK has the highest number of online shoppers and an online retail shopping trend estimated to reach more than £52 billion by the end of 2015.


Utilising the Benefits for Small Businesses in the Cloud3 Benefits for Small Businesses in the Cloud

Cloud computing has a growing awareness worldwide and is increasingly improving the way business is conducted. The Cloud has revolutionised business practices and can be as beneficial for small businesses as it is for large corporations and sales teams.


Challenges Still There with Cloud Migration

New research has found that there are still challenges to face when dealing with cloud migration for users. According to the research, conducted by The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), just 10% of participants said that their transition ‘could not have been improved’.


Five Steps to Build Digital Marketing IntegrationFive Steps to Build Digital Marketing Integration

The digital world is throwing its arms in the air over content generation at the moment. Search criteria in the SEO sector changes its requirements all the time and it is difficult to keep up. Keyword targeting or not? Content spinning a no-no. SEO dead? Find out more…


Taking Cloud-based Infrastructure to Small Business

During the early days of the Cloud, the complex infrastructure made it difficult for the ‘normal’ everyday user – let’s change that to ‘nigh-on-impossible’ – to grasp the technicalities of integration in order to make use of its benefits.


Mistakes Made in Digital Marketing | Tips & Tricks3 of the Biggest Mistakes Made in Digital Marketing

Whoever said digital marketing was easy? We didn’t. Many of the actual processes may be simple enough to perform, but finding your way through, certainly is not.


Impact Your SEO Rankings with Video Posts

Today the focus for SEO is definitely quality. Providing your readers/visitors with good quality content that is informative, and answers their query, is of paramount importance when considering SEO and your Google ranking.


Conversion of Traffic into Sales | Marketing BlogThree Conversion Tips to Turn Traffic into Revenue

Recently we read about and discussed the challenges faced by businesses to turn traffic into revenue, which is, of course, the whole point of taking your business to the internet. Find out more about conversion tactics.


3 Pieces of Advice to Help You Organise Your Digital Marketing

The way in which you organise your digital marketing strategies is probably the most important schedule you can make for yourself, your sanity and your business. Many business owners are already snowed under with tasks on a daily basis and keeping up with digital marketing processes often falls by the wayside as day-to-day business practices take over. Organise digital marketing – read more.


Round Up of 2015 Digital & Social Marketing Trends

There are just a few weeks left of 2015 in which you can leap on the bandwagon of digital and social marketing trends before the year is out, giving you a firm foundation for next year’s strategies.